Fresenius Bibag

           This bicarbonate Concentrate or Fresenius Bibag is used for Part B solution of dialysis machine. This is more secure process of doing bicarbonate solution used in Fresenius machine.

          The machine automatically mixed sodium bicarbonate with water to make a saturated solution. 

        Then this saturated solution is  proportioned with water and acid to achieve the prescribed dialysate.


Advantages of use Fresenius Bibag

  1.  Hygienic  Procedure : The machine automatically make the solution which prevents the risk of contamination and bacterial growth in the solution .
  2. Lightweight : The packet is lightweight and so no strain associated with lifting heavy liquid bicarbonate bottles.
  3. Easy To use : As compared to heavy liquid bicarbonate bottles , it is so easy to connect to the machine.
  4. Less Space Required : The packets are so small that less space is required to store. There are two variety are available one is 650 grm and other is 900 grm bags.
  5. Environment Friendly : As compared to heavy liquid bicarbonate bottles , these bags are flexible and recyclable .

               For best results use with Fresenius Fx8 Dialyzer  or Fresenius F6HPS Dialyzer