Fresenius F6Hps

Fresenius F6 HPS Dialyzer

Fresenius FX8 Dialyzer

Fresenius F60s

FResenius F60s Dialyzer

Nipro Dialyser

Nipro Elisio 13M Dialyzer

SF14 E

Sunford SF 14E Dialyzer

SF14 E

Fresenius SF14L Dialyzer

Blood Tubing AV Set E

Fresenius Blood Tubing AV Set

Fresenius Blood Tubing


Sunford Blood Tubing

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Fresenius Bibag

Why Us?

         We as Jadabi Drug Distributors from Assam . Our main focus on renal care section of medical world.

         We provide dialyzer , blood tubing , Part A, Part B , Citrosterial , Diasafe Plus etc to the Hospitlals of Guwahati and other parts of Assam. Our clients from Assam as well as Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Manipur.

        We primely focus on  dialyzer of Fresenius such as Fresenius Fx8, Fresenius  F6HPS, Fresenius Citrosteril, Fresenius Diasafe Plus, Fresenius Puristeril, Bloodtubing Zevoset, Dora B14P Dialyzer, Guidewire , Femoral Catheter, AV fistula Needle, Part A , Part B, Fresenius Bibag etc. Last five years we are delivering dialysis consumables to lots of hospitals of Assam and entire North East. We love if you serve you if you need anything in the field of renal care section. For any query you can contact +91-91016-29505 or you can mail us at jadabi.drug@gmail.com.