Fresenius Citrosteril

                    Fresenius Citrosteril is one of the dialysis machine consumable which is used mainly for heat disinfection of Haemodialysis Machines. This will keep the machine germ free after one dialysis. Normally we should give one disinfection after one dialysis has been done.

             This Solution is specially made for Fresenius 4008 and 5008 machines.  But for disinfectant you can use it with another brand also.

Fresenius Citrosteril

  The Following are the characteristics of the Fresenius Citrosteril :

  1.  It has the pH value of 1.7 to 2.0 .
  2. It will remove the blood residues from the machine.
  3. It will also removes the CACO3 from the machine also.
  4. It is also biodegradable.
  5. Also it is odourless and free from coloring additives.

                      Fresenius Citrosteril  100gram of solution contains 21gram of Citric Acid  1-hydrate and lactic acid and malic acid.  While the dialysis machine is in heat disinfectant mode the machine had pull citrosteril from the outsided jar and make warm up to 84 degree celsius and it moves throughout the machine which will removes germs , blood residue from the machine. In one heat disinfectantit required 60ml of Fresenius Citrostril . For through cleaning it is recommended to execute one heat disinfactant after every process of dialysis. 

For Best result of dialysis you can use Fresenius Fx8 dialyzer or Fresenius F6HPS dialyzer.